Amit Kulkarni Hi..hv seen your site for the first time...a balanced interface up the good work

Ashish its nice dear, looking a decent site.
kasumi great work!

Pinki Pappachan hi Tushar, I am a MCA Graduate from Alain, UAE. I draw very well. Actually I am a artist. My friend Ranjith Joy Introduced me to your site. Your design looks good. Keep up your good work.

Ruchi gr8 Portfolio...... Tushar ...keep it up....
Abhishek Nice n neat work friend.... real nice job !!
Sheldon Got through your site from SU. Maybe you should have some more colors andd it'll look the very PHAT! As everyones saying Great Folio dude.
Kiran pretty cool huh. keep up the nice work

Rosaline Hi Tush.. nice one! Like the style.. simple, clean, & smooth! Keep up d good work, ok!

David Sweet site, i love the mouse overs and layout.. keep it up!

Gags Nice Work! Keep up the great work
Ryche hey tushar... looking very nice... good work on the site...

shraddha kool ... work ... ... teach me even......
Ranjith Joy Good color.. try my portfolio link Good color.. try my portfolio link

hemant suthar Hay tushar Call me on 9820649150

Hefner hi there how u doin; another designer around da block. ...we in the same vicinity ...kewl.

Enigma Keep up the enigmatic work.....Best of Luck
vinit Gonna update this one.......but till then you can keep this as my web presence

nameaart1 commentaart1

Mohit my frnd where r u ?
gg love ur work......

Bhavik Hi Tushar,

I got a call from Mr. Gupte regarding offloading some of ur work to us, so wud like to talk further on this.
Rikky http://com Intersting work

Shalini http://com Nice work my frnd

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