Nisha A Shah beautiful work Tushar
nameRanjan nice work..really...I am now doing my in animation and multimedia course in Bhubaneswar, if any suggestion regarding career then please give me.

gagan great work tushar..
Ryan Awsome work man, love it, keep it up
moreshwar hi tushar, you had done very good job
Hitanshu hi there dont think that I have given up on you. A lot of things happening lately should be in touch with you soon.... v soon, Cheers Hitanshu
name nishad comment njice work. keep it up
Sudarat K Wow I love your design!! I went to Arris Architecture site.. It was so original! Loveing it I'll see the others definately
aditya kumar re- design project what your team will charge to re-design this entire website and put it on the floor like BAGHHAN MOVIE.... By Aditya Kumar Bhandari (Monty) and re-introduce me in

Mangesh hey Tushar, how u doing? how's u?

nameve Flash works is quite amazing.. keep it up ,you are an inspiration
Pradnya comment You Are great artist! Very Creative!! An Inspiring Portfolio!!!! All well wishes for you!
namevaruna very impressive. gr8 work!
jaya nice work
name sudhir comment: excellent work

BHAVIK Hi Tushar, hows u man? long time no website updation on ur site?

name mayur comment awesome hey can you give us the budget for developing website
shreeja hi

dinesh v good classy work, how ever your obsession with flash creates problems also size of your web pages is a problem, and there is always scope for improvemet

arvind hi tush nice work done by you

name srijib comment hellow, Its really gre8
prashant gr8 work
Roshan Excellent work really
bhavik Hi Tushar, hows u? any new site updated?

name vijay comment hello sir this very good web site nice creations, and webdesins

nameCamille comment Fantastic Portfolio!!!
Ricky great work dude!!!
Siber Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you...s

name: Aditya comment: Mind Blowing as usual!!!!
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