name srijib comment hellow, Its really gre8
prashant gr8 work
Roshan Excellent work really
bhavik Hi Tushar, hows u? any new site updated?

name vijay comment hello sir this very good web site nice creations, and webdesins

nameCamille comment Fantastic Portfolio!!!
Ricky great work dude!!!
Siber Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you...s

name: Aditya comment: Mind Blowing as usual!!!!
shweta i went through a website well made... keep it up..
building credit Nice Site!

ANIL KUMAR you are really gr8 sir,, i am webdesigner but not very much creative like you,, please help me out of making such type of designs,, can i came to you for internship for one month without pay..
name Aby comment salute to your work.I am great fan of your design. your profile reflects pure creativity and very classy look. keep it up and plz suggest me institute where i can learn flash animation..mail me
Guest Hi there nice website..... BTW hows the work on Media buttons going... Doo reply,,,,,,,

smart no site Any updates on ur site?

Abdul Awaes Really Good Job!

name Vijay comment Hi I am senior web designer as well as freelancer and worked with various creative person But you are amazing and also i saw your work its beautiful and all are mostly flash i hope that once may i get chance to work with you. you may contact me o
nameSunidhi comment: I think your work ROCKS!!!!.. I just loved it!!!
name divya i m a jewellery designer from delhi , m a freelacer & wanna launch a website ,can u help????

Jitendra Tushar, you are excellent designer. Nice and different concepts can be seen in every work. Goodluck.
Martin Henwood Well done with your new site :-)

Prateek hey hey thats gr8 .. so you back... amazing work
vikrant Hey Tushar, nice work ....

maneesh hi buddy ure work is quite fresh and innovative keep it up

pat i like your monika jakisics site
biswas WEBBY AWARDS new york-web design awards are comming up and i am helping to organise the event please email me your postal address and phone number to recieve invites
geet thanks for working on my site, i love what u done so far.

Abhijeet Great Work. I am into the field of marketing of Paintings to decorate walls. Would love to meet once. 9819191893

BJPL Great work! Keep it up
Sanju Awesome work man..just no words to Describe
Udayan Chatterj Tushar Garg!!! Hmmmmmm if i am not wrong then u are the same guy i use to study with in Woodbine Gardenia....I came to know abt u from Shaubhik Goswami........ wht reply me back....take care.....byeee

Rupal are doing a great job...keep it up and all the luck to you..!!
ritesh tushar, i'm glad you carried the elegant styling of to other interesting and very different looks. you have a great sense of design!!!
Hitanshu Vyas Hi I am the Marketing Executive for H K Jewels Please contact me on Really liked your work

Bhavik My name is Bhavik, I stay in malad. and i am working as a graphic designer. my email is
esquare where's my shoutbox?

Sameer S. Good Work!! Keep it up..I am an illustrator and a graphic designer working for one e-learning company..

satish cool stuff dude
Raj hey finally seeing some new work
Chuck Spidell Killer work as usual Tush - we will work on a project together one of these days!
ame good work do get in touch
Rahil Good work i really like ur approach

neetu a very good site indeed....nice work
Dolly Hi Tushar.I m an MCA n topper in web technology of my college.i would like to join u as i m very gud at programming.u r simply excelent|
Brajeshwar You got a nice site here!

binu tushar bhai....this site's presentation and navigation style is very nice...good
kapil hi buddy this site is great....its proves thats we indians r ready to face the west

kapil i got addicted to it
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