Vardhman - CMS Website
RosettaBrand - HTML5 Website
Workenlight - CMS Website
Silver Platter Solutions - CMS Website
Pudumjee - CMS Website
Fusion Access - HTML5 Website
Sai Maritime - CMS Website
Arris Architects - HTML5 Website
HNS Architects - HTML5 Website
Sai Shipping - HTML5 Website
Power House Gym India - HTML5 Website
Sunjewels - HTML5 Website
Dhruva - Mobile Website
Shri Balaji International School - HTML Website
2point0concepts - HTML5 Website
Mozaic - HTML Website
Santa Post Box - HTML Website
Jamic Films - Flash Website
Rudra Developers - Flash Website
Glam Palm - HTML Website
Cloud Nine - CMS Website
Interface -Flash Website
Galaxy Automation - CMS Website
Mozez Singh Dezignz - HTML Website
Reverse Thought Green Solutions - HTML Website
DK Gems - Flash/CMS Website
Ultra Conserve - CMS Website
Top Brands Info - CMS Website
Runah Salon - HTML Website
Silver Slate Group LLC - HTML Website
SNC Jewels - HTML Website
P.K. Jewellers - Flash Website
Forms Ltd. - Flash Website
Pride Furnishings - Flash Website
House of Raaj, USA - CMS Website
Project Dharma - CMS Website
QS Advisory, Europe - CMS Website
Franco Leone - CMS Website

Aazaan Film Website for Cannes

Some Latest Stuff.....

Johnson & Johnson Dubai (English & Arabic Versions) - Flash Website
Chelsea West Architects - Flash Website / CMS

A lot of Brochures / Packaging / Stickers / Logo / and much more is been done. we will be putting some of it on

Plan for a New website but not sure when will that happen.

Some more projects have just completed

Kelebec - Outdoor Furniture - Flash Website
Nu Beginnings - HTML Website
Soley Studio - Image Consulting - Flash Website
Franco Leone Shoes - Flash/HTML/CMS Website
Truffles - Shireen Adenwalla - Flash/HTML/CMS Website
Abheet Gidwani Photography - HTML Website

Here's some update on what we have been doing, below list of some web work we have completed

Ecoura Jewellery - Flash/HTML/CMS Website
Aiplan - HTML/CMS Website
Torrpit-up - HTML/CMS website
Chesterfield - Flash Website
Inspired Design - Flash Website
The Triumph - Flash Website
Pentacon - Flash Website
S. Narendra - Ecommerce Solution
Sai Maritime - HTML Website
BikeZone - HTML Website

Been a long time as usual i got to update my website, please do have a look and give comments it really helps. Designers & Developers experienced or fresher both can drop their resume @

Microfinance Insights - a online magazine, complete dynamic site with blog, articles, ecommerce, banner management, subscription solution and more. A complex requirement fulfilled by a user friendly engine by

Archetype Consultants got upgraded to CMS (content management system) based flash

Wicked Chamber | Interactive and stylish Website.

Gold Touch | Simple to the point flash website.

Red Blue Yellow | Style with appeal, attractive flash site.

Dinesh Doshi | HTML Website with a stylish & look.

Rimari | Website Design & CMS Development for India's top Art Gallery

House of Raaj | One of my Favorite, just check it out

Nouvasys | Joomla Development for a corporate Client

Vanguard RPL | Flash Development.

India Cancer | PHP CMS development for a NGO

Naked Recipes | CMS Development for a Web TV That Feeds Your Appetite

Notandas | Website updated once again by

Reverse Thought | a new venture by

Mittal Builder | Corporate website design & development

Dr Hansen Liang | Canada's top dentist gets a website from

Hirumchi Inc - Fashion Resource Services and solutions | Interactive and stylish menu and layout for a well know styling company.

Point39 Design | Another Interesting Website in the portfolio.

Rave Technologies | Developed CMS (Content Management System) for well know Software Firm

Drashta S | Stylish Interactive Site for a rocking Fashion Designer


Craftsbridge | Ecommerce Solution for a online selling of hand crafted products

SNC Jewels | One more Jeweler on our list, a complete revamping of there web presence

Sleep Diagnostics Group, LLC | A simple HTML Website

We are in Look out for Designers and Developers. Experienced or Fresher both can drop their resume @ | Simple, clean site for a resort in Goa | the Competition is ON, get the info from Srijan 2008 New Designed Website. | A Website / Presentation for a Jewellery Designer, India to New York. | Website completed for an NGO | Architects with fresh innovative ideas, their online presence. | Belford Jewelers, Hong Kong, created a unique online presence for them.

Looking forward to work along Agencies, Designers, Experimental Work. Explore EXPLORE Explore | Finally did a quick job on my website. :) Flash version to be planned soon

Creative Director | Since'04 busy managing/running Ingress Consulting Ltd., London, UK, there Indian setup as a Creative Director.

29 January'06 | Hi all been more than a year I got time to update my website. Thanks for keep writing and appreciating my work, it motivates. Have added some of the selected work I did in last 1 year under recent work, soon as and when I get time will be redoing my website. Please have a look and give comments as always most welcome and helps me to improve myself.

10 October'04 - Flash Website | Elival Fashion Store In UK

28 August'04 - Flash Website | Ashay Kshirsagar Photographer, Mumbai

12 August'04 - Intro Animation | Haute Autos - U.S Based Auto Showroom

05 August'04 - Flash Website | Creoh Packaging U.S basad Packaging Group

02 August'04 - Flash Website | Faquih And Associates - Architect Firm In Mumbai

15 July'04 - Corporate Site | Circle Point Digital - U.S Based Design Firm

12 July'04 - CD Presentation | Faquih And Associates - Architect Firm In Mumbai

05 May'04 - Corporate Site | SNS International Design - U.S Based Design Firm

04 May'04 - Ecommerce Site | Printing House

04 May'04 - Corporate Site |

02 April'04 - Corporate Site | NASSPE U.S based Association

20 March'04 - Corporate Site | ABC DIGITAL U.S based design and hosting firm

02 Jan'04 - Corporate Presentation | E-unibus Cd Presentation for a US Based Company

13 Nov'03 - Film Site | A new Film "Tumhara Intejaar Hai" made in Marathi + Hind

08 Nov'03 - Monika Jakisic | Portfolio Site for a London Based Ramp Mode

08 Nov'03 - Tushar Garg | Finally My site is Up with a new home page